‘El avioncito’: the soundtrack of Caimanes, immense champions of the Caribbean

After the exciting 4-1 victory of Caimanes de Barranquilla over Gigantes del Cibao, the bus of Colombian baseball.

The title of the Caribbean Series has been received in the country with all the height that such a feat deserves.

In the midst of the national revelry, a nice champeta that has practically become the ‘anthem’ of the ninth barranquilla: ‘El avioncito’.

The song, a viral hit on TikTok, accompanied the Caimanes days in Dominican soil. And now, with the triumph, it seems to be his soundtrack.

The millionaire that Caimanes will receive for his title in the Caribbean Series
Without precedents! This was the victory of Caimanes in the Caribbean Series

The Caimanes soundtrack

“I have it with my hands at my sides like a little plane / With small eyes and flying low/ And yakuza-zakuza, kuza-zakuza/ There it takes it, there it goes, it cuts how so? / Zaza-kuza, mm, zaza-kuza / She won’t let go, I’ve got her tied up, heard”, was heard in every Caimanes victory inside the Quisqueya Juan Marichal stadium, in Santo Domingo , Dominican Republic.

The videos that circulate give an account of how the champions of the Caribbean Series ‘owned’ that unique melody.

(Don’t let to read: Luis Díaz wins without playing: the enormous faith that J. Klopp, his coach, has in him).

Where does it come from and why is it considered almost his anthem?

The origin of ‘El avioncito’

Behind the ‘hit’ that resounds endlessly in Barranquilla after the victory of Caimanes is Giblack, a coastal artist.

The song, as its manager has said in several interviews, was born to be a “success on TikTok” .

And, along with the sticky lyrics, the theme has a choreography that citizens from all over the world do on said social network.

That has been the key to its virality, and the dance of the ninth of Caimanes confirms it.

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