Elden Ring: Are there illusionary walls? Replied

Developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco, Elden Ring is the latest action RPG just released for PC and consoles. There are tons of dungeons to explore, along with several main stories and optional bosses for you to test your skill at. And yes, there are also many secrets to discover in the coming months. If you’re wondering if there are illusionary walls in the Elden Ringhere’s what you need to know.

Are there illusory walls in the Elden Ring?

The short answer is yes, indeed, there are illusory walls to discover throughout the Elden Ring. They are not very common, but they do exist.

To check if a wall is fake, all you have to do is roll towards it and it will disappear if it’s really illusory. There’s no need to hit it with your gun like in some of FromSoft’s previous games.

That said, there isn’t really a way to tell if a wall is fake or not. There are no discernible giveaways, which means that discovering an illusory wall in the Elden Ring really comes down to trial and error, and really about exploring every nook and cranny of every dungeon you find yourself in.

There may be some environmental clues to help you. For example, if you walk into a room with nothing in it, it might be worth checking all the walls, as these games are usually designed with a purpose. The first illusionary walls can be found in the second region, Liurnia of the Lakes, when entering Raya Lucaria’s Academy. We may have missed some of the above, and it’s very likely that there are many other secrets we’ve missed in our game as well.

That’s all you need to know about whether there are illusionary walls in the Elden Ring. Be sure to check out our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game