Elden Ring could have a map up to 9 times larger than previously thought

The only continent that makes up the Midlands of the Elden Ring would not be exactly small. In fact, it would perhaps be a map up to 9 times larger than previously thought.

During the closed beta phase that we tested and gave our impressions, a brief gameplay trailer was seen. But it is that this new world of Hidetaka Miyazaki seen then would perhaps be less than a third of the size of the final map.

Just yesterday we dedicated a few words to you with We are not ready for Elden Ring . “We have played Elden Ring, for many hours and for the last time before the review comes“.

In one of those previews, as reported on GamesRadar+, from Kotaku Australia explain that the map is huge and that what was seen in the closed beta is not all that Elden Ring has to offer.

And now thanks to this new version of the game with the prints, no rails, the map spreads. But much more than anyone could have imagined.

In the preview it was observed that zooming out the world map as much as possible left the initial continent in view, now surrounded by black bars.

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While this suggests a larger map, this could be a bug in the game. Specifically, allowing these players to zoom out further than they should.

Although Kotaku Australia kept playing and discovered that the map would be bigger than the continent. Teleporting to another part of the map, he looked at his map again and saw that it was a different one.

Exactly what they saw was that they were on the very edge of a much larger black square. What’s more, the starting continent only took up a small part of the total set.

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Although it is difficult to evaluate the true size of the final map, this would imply the greatness of the open world of Elden Ring.

The map would be perhaps up to nine times greater than originally imagined. How many hours will Elden Ring players spend exploring the game’s continent?

Considering that Elden Ring’s open world has required much more effort from FromSoftware than previous souls, the possibility would still be there.

In Spain there is expectation for the new Miyazaki, of course. Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarok are the most sought after and anticipated games in Spain, a game that has seen influences from Sekiro.

With so much map, it is possible that you will miss something, like these 8 details about the cool Elden Ring trailer that you might have missed.

On another note, online in Dark Souls games is still down because your PC could be hijacked and their servers will still be down on PC until the release of Elden Ring.