Elden Ring Dodge Rolls Explained: Equip Cargo, Light Rolls, and More

Developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco, Elden Ring is a new open-world action RPG that features the same satisfying combat system that Souls fans will be familiar with. The game allows for a huge variety of builds, where you can really mold your character according to your own play style. If you’re wondering how dodge rolls work in the Elden Ringhere’s everything you need to know.

Elden Ring Dodge Rolls explained

Like previous Souls games, you can press the Circle or B button while holding the left stick in any direction to dodge. The scroll comes with invincibility frames, or i-frames for short, which allow you to become essentially invincible to enemy attacks for that fraction of a second.

However, not all dodge rolls are created equal in Elden Ring. There are three types of rolls in this game, as follows:

  • Light roll: Requires you to be below 30% gear charge
  • Medium roll: Requires you to be below 70% gear load
  • Heavy roll: Below 100% equipment load


If you exceed your equip charge, your character becomes overloaded. In this state, he will only be able to walk at a snail’s pace and will not be able to roll or evade anything at all. Needless to say, you never want to be in this state.

The medium cast is likely to be the most common for most players, as the requirement is very easy to meet and gives you a decent amount of i-frames. The heavy roll is still viable to dodge, but it is significantly and noticeably slower than the other two. His cooldown is much longer, and if he’s above 70% equip charge, there’s a good chance he went for a tankier build that relies on blocking with a shield anyway.

The light roll is the best dodge roll in Elden Ring, as it gives you the most i-frames and will allow you to roll and dodge attacks very easily. The trade-off is that it’s very hard to get below 30% equip charge without investing a ton of points in your stamina stat. If you want to use the light scroll, you’ll have to settle for light armor, which doesn’t offer much protection.

How to check equipment load in Elden Ring

With all of that in mind, it’s time to take a look at how team charging works in Elden Ring. It works very similarly to previous Souls games, in that you have to control the weight of each individual piece of armor you’re wearing, as well as the weapons you have equipped.

Only armor pieces and weapons will contribute to your loadout; items in your inventory slots do not count. On top of that, any loadouts you have in your gear slots will also count towards your gear loadout, even if you don’t actually have them.

This means that if you place a bow and a sword in the slots on your right hand to easily switch weapons, both weapons will increase in weight, so this is something to watch out for.

You can check your gear loadout by pressing the Options or View button, and going to your inventory or status screen. You’ll be able to see your maximum gear loadout on the right side of the screen, as well as the type of scroll you currently have just below it.

There are two main ways to increase your loadout, either by putting points into your stamina stat or by equipping the Talisman of the Arsenal. Investing points in Stamina is definitely recommended as a long-term strategy, as you can never have too much stamina in this game.

That’s all you need to know about how dodging rolls and equipping charge work in Elden Ring. Be sure to search for dlprivateserver or check out our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.