Elden Ring, video analysis: the masterpiece of From Software

There may be no such thing as the perfect game, and Elden Ring is definitely no exception. From Software’s years of accumulated experience in games like Dark Souls and its sequels result in the reuse of mechanics and encounters that are now less surprising; And when it comes to the technical side, it’s also still not one of the slickest studios despite how much it’s grown since the days of Demon’s Souls.

But ten, when talking about video games, it’s not a simple matter of doing everything right. Especially if the game goes over 50, 60 or even 80 hours. It’s a matter of doing things that matter well. Things that inspire others. To players and creators. That they set a new bar for the medium to continue to improve, reaching higher heights in its attempt to get out of the shadow of those capital names that appear from time to time to generate new currents.

This is the video analysis of our last 10 out of 10. You can read the analysis in text here.