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After what seems like an eternity of waiting, FromSoftware’s latest entry in the Soulsborne series has arrived with Elden Ring. Going for an open world approach to its brutal RPG series and with the story co-written by George RR Martin, Elden Ring has become one of the most anticipated games of 2022, and having spent countless hours venturing through Lands Between like Tarnished, we’re happy to say the hype was certainly justified. Of course, this is a tough game, and that’s where our Elden Ring wiki comes in.

Here, our goal is to help both newcomers and seasoned veterans of Soulsborne games. We’ll show you everything from the basics of combat and exploration of the Lands Between, to detailed guides to help you tackle the tough boss battles that await you on your quest to become the Elden Lord. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Elden Ring Wiki

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  • Release date: Feb. 25, 2022
  • Developer:FromSoftware
  • Publisher:Bandai Namco
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5

General information

  • Preload, unlock times and install sizes
  • Review
  • Is it the Elden Ring crossplay?

Basics – Elden Ring Wiki

  • Tips and tricks for beginners
  • Saving your game
  • Skipping cutscenes and dialogue
  • FP Restoration
  • Summoning your mount (Torrent)
  • Fast Travel
  • Craft Items
  • Healing and increased maximum health
  • Leave Messages
  • Two-handed weapons
  • How to block
  • Play online multiplayer with friends
  • How to backstab
  • How to stop
  • how to jump
  • Using Quickslot Bag Items
  • Block Enemies
  • Use of Spirit Ashes and Summoning Spirits
  • Dodge Roll explained
  • Duck and Sneak

Elden Ring Character Guides

  • Guide to classes: which initial source to choose and the best class for each build
  • Souvenirs guide: the best souvenir to choose when starting out
  • Change character appearance
  • How to level up
  • Increased memory slots

Weapons, Equipment and Items – Elden Ring Wiki

  • Get a whetstone knife
  • Equipping sorcery and magic spells
  • Where to find the blacksmith
  • Weapon Upgrades Explained: How to equip weapon arts, affinities, and more
  • Find patches

Elden Ring Boss Guides

  • Defeating Margit, the Fallen Omen

Miscellaneous Quest Guides – Elden Ring Wiki

  • How to get to the waiting round table
  • What to do with Godrick’s Great Rune
  • Should you let Fia hug you?
  • Get the memory of the chrysalises for Roderika
  • Where to find Sorceress Sellen

Spoiler guides

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