Eln claimed responsibility for the attack with explosives against the 30th Brigade in Cúcuta

In the early hours of this Monday, the headquarters of the Brigade 30 of the Army was harassed with cylinder bombs and rifle fire. The Eln, through a statement, claimed responsibility for this violent action that -fortunately- left no injuries.

The Camilo Torres Restrepo Urban War Front claimed responsibility for the attack perpetrated this morning at the military installations of San Jorge Canton in Cúcuta.

The attack generated fear and panic in the residents of the sector, who recalled the car bomb that was activated inside the military garrison on June 15, 2021.

According to the authorities, the explosives were launched from the hill called Núcleo 86 and two others in the lower part of the canton’s facilities.

After hearing the detonations and the shots, a security operation was deployed with the support of the National Police, to restrict vehicular access to the Army facilities.

It is unfortunate what has been happening in terrorist attacks, but we will never double them with this situation

“At this time, military operations continue to identify those responsible for this terrorist act, and with the review of the facilities of the military unit and its surroundings to rule out the presence of any device,” the Army said in a statement.

During the search, the anti-explosive group has managed to detect at least four unexploded grenades within the jurisdiction of the Brigade 30. These have been detonated in a controlled manner.

The mayor of Cúcuta, Jairo Yáñez, rejected the attack and stated that the repeated violent actions are taking place on the eve of the electoral season.

“It is It is unfortunate what has been happening in the terrorist attacks, but we will never double them with this situation. (…) I warn you that the mayor will be absolutely forceful with the support of our military forces,” said Yáñez.

Wave of violence

In four days, it is the fifth violent action against the Public Force in Norte de Santander, which has left four soldiers injured and multiple material damages.

The attacks have been directed against the Police stations of the La Ye district of Shipyards, from the municipality of Teorama, and against the security scheme of the commander of the Cucuta Police. In Ocaña there was also a violent action against a patrol.

For now, a reward of up to 100 million pesos remains active for information that allows identifying and capturing “all the explosives of the different organized armed groups who commit crimes in Norte de Santander”.

The authorities have identified at least six explosives experts who commit crimes for the Eln and three subversives in charge of handling explosives in the ranks of Gaor 33 in this region of the country.