ElXokas goes internet and is already the Spanish streamer with the most subscribers on Twitch

The world of Youtubers and Streamers continues to boom in every way and one of the greatest exponents of success is, without a doubt, ElXokas . The Galician streamer is one of the examples in which hard work and tenacity always bear fruit and this is demonstrated by his data on the network. Starting from the bottom ElXokas has become the number one streamer in Spain with the most subscribers.

The feat is no small feat and what Joaquin Dominguez has achieved is worth praising. You may like its content more or less, but of course he wanted to bet on leaving his job at Real Madrid to dedicate himself fully to Twitch and get to where he has today being number one and with a ESLAND award behind his back as a revelation streamer.

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ElXokas gets to be number-one of subscribers in Spain

  • The streamer confirmed on the net that he has managed to be the number one in Spain in subscribers on Twitch ?
  • His fellow profession have always praised him and respect and education have always gone hand in hand ?
  • Series like EGOLAND, Squid-Games or Marbella Vice have been very followed by their fans ?
  • He didn’t want to show his teammates in the image out of respect, it’s a personal achievement he’s been looking for since he had 100 viewers on WOW ?
  • He said he would become number one and he did it ?

Many of those who start streaming on Twitch will know how difficult it is to achieve what ElXokas has achieved, but behind this feat there are thousands of hours of work and dedication. And above all entertainment for many people.