Emulating PlayStation 2 games is so easy that now you can do it from the browser: this is how Play!.js works

Some say it was the golden age of video games. And the truth is that, for many of us who lived through it, in a way we still find ourselves there, among the vast prairies of The Forbidden Land from ‘Shadow of the Colossus’, or in Los Santos from ‘GTA: San Andreas’ . And if you are one of reliving this era, it is likely that on some occasion you have come across some other emulator.

In this article we wanted to talk to you about one in particular that stands out for its simplicity. And it is that we find an emulator that can be executed from the browser itself. We are talking about Play!.js, a port of Play! that today we can find on desktop and mobile devices.

A simple PS2 emulator to log in via Chrome or Firefox

Accessing it is extremely simple, since we will only have to select the file in question and let it do its magic. As they tell us on the website itself, this project has been created for experimental purposes, and therefore, it has not been designed to offer support for all existing content.

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In Genbeta

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On the page itself they also show us a table to know the equivalence of PS2 controls on the keyboard. In this way, we would have the possibility of using our PC’s own keys, as well as benefiting from some external mapping software and using our own command.

At the moment, the emulator works only for Chrome and Firefox. In fact, they recommend that for the best experience, it’s best to have the most up-to-date version of these browsers possible.

Its copy compatibility list and source code are also referenced on the web so that people can contribute knowledge about the project. Also, the BIOS file would not be needed to make the emulator work. Of course, for the moment we have to settle for a somewhat reduced size due to the space left to view the content. This may be due to the limitations of porting this emulator to a browser.