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It may sound incredible in 2022, but the truth is that SEO is still a pending issue in a large number of web developments. Surprising as it may seem, we still see a multitude of sites on a daily basis where you can see a very careful design and very interesting content that, without a commission, are condemned to invisibility and ostracism.

Let us remember that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) includes a set of techniques aimed at improving the visibility of websites on search engine results pages (mainly Google, although not exclusively). And here it should be emphasized that SEO is much more complex than it might seem at first. You just have to review all the documentation published by Google, added to the empirical conclusions when analyzing its operation, to infer that there is a lot of work behind an optimal SEO strategy.

It is known that, with its constant updates, Google’s main objective is to offer relevant and quality results in searches. The problem is that it is difficult to establish the metrics to automate the process of quantifying these virtues. The consequence of this is that relevant and quality sites may not be perceived as such by the search engine, which therefore will not give them the relevance they deserve.

In other words: contrary to the widespread belief that quality is everything when it comes to positioning, reality has shown us that if it is not it is based on the technique, on SEO, and therefore on the work that a SEO agencySEO agency can do for a website to obtain the relevance it deserves, in the vast majority of cases our positioning will not correspond to the work carried out on our website.

And here it is important to focus on the fact that good SEO consists of that, in a very wide set of techniques and knowledge applied to service that Google is able to identify these good contents as such and, consequently, highlight them in the results pages.

What techniques are those? We can distinguish between two large groups: SEO on-site and SEO off-site. Among the members of the first we will find, of course, good practices related to writing, images and others, but also other technical aspects that directly affect the visibility that Google has of our site. Thanks to these adjustments we can not only improve our positioning, but also exercise some control over the way in which our links are displayed on Google results pages.

Eskimoz - An SEO Agency Conquering Europe!

Off-site SEO refers to elements external to our website, but which also affect its positioning, and includes elements such as links from other websites to the way we use social networks to generate more incoming traffic on our website. Elements over which we do not have as much control in many cases, but which we can promote through a set of good practices that will also be part of our SEO plan.

Looks complex, right? Well, in reality it is even more so, since Google periodically updates the parameters on which it is based to establish the relevance of the results. Some changes that can cause us to lose some of the positions we had gained over time from one day to the next. Not to mention the penalties if we make a mistake, and that can even leave us completely out of the game.

SEO is not magic, it cannot make us jump from the sixth to the first page of results overnight. However, with a growth strategy planned with a reasonable term, we will see a very positive evolution that, after a sowing period, will offer us the harvest we expect. And for this, nothing better than relying on an SEO agency like Eskimoz, in which you will find a team of professionals who will carry out a complete audit of your site and, after it, will work hand in hand with you so that Google always sees you with the best eyes.

Do not neglect SEO, nor leave it in the hands of some plugin or online service that will only give you some guidelines and recommendations for the content you are going to publish. If you really want to grow on the Internet and for your site to obtain the relevance it deserves, count on professionals like the ones you will find at Eskimoz, this step will make the difference.