Everything about Lost Ark: the eternal queues, gameplay, endgame… is it really that big a deal?

Lost Ark is one of the biggest phenomena of recent times. The title has been quite a surprise at the user level, with a peak of 1.3 million, endless queues to enjoy it and endless content that seems to never end. For this reason, this week we have dedicated our FreeGameTips Tavern to breaking down everything that Lost Ark currently involves: gameplay, queues, endgame… Is it really worth it?

Fran Serrano, Albert Gil and Sergi Blanch ‘Motenai’ are the editors of the magazine who are fully involved in this new adventure for PC gamers, and speak at length about their impressions after dozens and dozens of hours with this title published by Amazon. A mixture of MMO with Action RPG mechanics that is dazzling the world.

In addition, in the final part of the program we will also touch on other current topics, such as a review of what happened to the Nintendo Direct. All this and much more in the Tavern, which is broadcast live on FreeGameTips’ youtube channel.