What Does The Name “Pakistan” Mean For?

The land of Pakistan is known as the land of saints and pure peoples. After the separation of 1947, this country came into existence. The total area of a country based on 881913 sq kilometers, which is further divided into four provinces along with the capital and tribal areas. Pakistan history is quite interesting to study because after going through it we understand the importance of education. Quaid-e-Azam (Muhammad Ali Jinnah) is the founder of this nation who fought the war of independence followed by other heroes of Islam. The war was not fought with weapons or bombs but through a legal way of courts (judiciary system) and with wisdom.  

Some interesting facts about Pakistan history:

Before 1947, the British were the rulers of the great subcontinent. They used East India Company to conquer the nations that were living here peacefully but not with financial stability. Hindu and Muslims were the two nations who were occupying the states in this large subcontinent; we can say that there were approximately 60% Hindus and 40% Muslims. Pakistan news channels and lists.

Both nations were living together instead of having different ideologies, customs, norms, traditions, and believe. The people were not so much educated but had multiple excellent skills and then the British took advantage of the situation and captured their land plus freedom. Approximately about a century, the British ruled over these people and treated them as a slave, they used Muslims and Hindus as an assistant for their work and never award them with money or any other incentive. Slaves had no right to speak in front of the rulers and they were not allowed to practice their basic human rights. After so much cruelty and slavery, both nations stood up to fight for their rights.

Allama Iqbal who is widely known as the poet of east awakens the Muslims and puts in them a flame of freedom and struggle. He addressed the Muslims of the subcontinent at Lord Minto Park and in his speech he said that Muslims have sent on earth to rule the planet, not to accept and face slavery for a whole life. Pakistan history has black pages of bloodshed that occurred as the result of the freedom fight. Thousands of innocent peoples died, millions got several injuries and many people lost their homes and wealth for this cause but in the end, truth wins. Apart from this read our article about India Population.

Pakistan history shows that initially this country was based on two wide lands that are East and West Pakistan; later East Pakistan became Bangladesh in 1971 because of some conspiracies by Hindu Nationalists and extremists.

Although the literacy rate and overall situation (Economical & Political) of a country are not such stables which are supposed to be, the current leader “Prime Minister” along with his political team and nation is trying their best to gain the brightest position on the world map, that was told by the founder.