Fallout: New Mexico is a new fan-made expansion for Fallout: New Vegas.

We present Fallout: New Mexico, a new expansion made by fans. It’s being developed for Fallout: New Vegas, which already has a few very famous player-made creations.

A team of modders is currently working on a new expansion for New Vegas . It is the size of a DLC and will definitely be called New Mexico.

The mod promises to offer the player a very RPG-focused experience and is heavily inspired by Fallout 1 and Fallout 2.

In Fallout: New Mexico, they are preparing a multi-faction adventure for the player. The mod will also offer three unique companions with a revamped companion and affinity system.

In addition, it will feature several new activities and allow travel to various states and locations. In the official trailer, which we leave you a little below, you can see these and other details.

Welcome to the Land of Improvements. It is the year 2285 and the world has changed. Every choice done will revolutionize the future for better or for worse“, can be read in the description of Fallout: New Mexico.

Created in the legendary and classic Fallout: New Vegas engine, this new free mod based on the role-playing game will offer a new Fallout experience“.

After this, they warn that everything that can be seen in the trailer is subject to change and “regarded as final until full game mod is released“; We leave you with the video.

As features they have presented a new game based on Fallout with a new Main Menu. In addition to everything mentioned above, they have added new activities to the game that have yet to be revealed.

What remains to be seen is everything they have planned. As you can see at the end of the description, he states that “much more will be revealed“, so we’ll see what other secrets are kept for now.

All this has not yet, not even remotely, a release date to give. But the Fallout fans will have made their mouths water with everything seen so far.

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This is another of the DLC expansions that fans of the Bethesda saga are making. One of the most recent was Star Wars Open Worlds, an ambitious mod that every fan will want to play.

Another was released after 7 years of development, but it didn’t last long. Fallout New Vegas The Frontier was removed by its creators because one of them “published pedophilia”.

Now we will see how the New Vegas Fallout: New Mexico expansion progresses . What do you think so far?