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Lockdown Meaning

  • from the word itself, lockdown literally means locking an area down so no one can access or people have limitations in accessing it.

Heist Meaning

  • a heist is an act of attacking an establishment or building for stealing precious or worthy items.

vulnerable meaning

  • babies are vulnerable because they cannot defend themselves from any harm

audacity meaning

  • doing things without no fear is called audacity

virtual meaning

  • absence of an actual or physical object or a person but are able to present or communicate through simulation or computer-generated is virtual

ad hoc meaning

  • the work done by an employee or staff on top of his/her normal job description is ad hoc

serenity meaning

  • human tends to always find peace in their hearts and mind and if you are in that state, it is serenity

inevitable meaning

  • we just need to go on with life and go with the flow because there are things that we cannot avoid and that is inevitable

quite meaning

  • If it is not perfect, it might be quite good.

explicit meaning

  • when we are talking to people, we should always make ourselves clear. It should be explicit because what we might want to convey is not what they understand.

eta meaning

  • when making an itinerary, we should always put an estimated time of arrival or ETA in a place because it will help a lot in planning

bliss meaning

  • a feeling of being in paradise where everything looks perfect is like a bliss

awol meaning

  • being absent from work without proper notification or information to the company so-called Absence without official leave and it is a big violation in most of the company’s rules & regulations

redundant meaning

  • talking repeatedly about the same things or doing things, again and again, is redundant

thrive meaning

  • work hard to be successful in life. It may take some time but sooner or later it will thrive

shallow meaning

  • a life that is shallow is like living without a meaningful life

ps meaning

  • Love letters in old times normally have Postscript written below it. It is like making an important note which will engrave meaning in one’s heart. For Example PS “You’ll always in my heart”

surreal meaning

  • Experiencing something which you cannot imagine gives you a feeling of amusement and it is like a dream. Things that happen like this is surreal