Let me inform you what is the actual meaning of fashion?


Fashion meaning is the manner of styling, wearing clothes, behavior or decorating our self according to occasion or event. Fashion is very well known word among all of the peoples living in any country of any continent doesn’t matter the age group, caste, creed you belong. Everyone in our era wants to adopt the latest and trending fashion in order to look adorable and attractive, by adopting a trending fashion we can get the attention of gathering like family, friends or special loved one.

Some people ask that what a difference between fashion and style is?

Well, style is designated to our permanent and personal appearance but fashion is something which continuously changes with the passage of time that we called trend.  Although styling and fashion both keeps importance because what you are wearing clearly defines your personality.

There is another terminology known as classic fashion, it refers to the fashion that lasts for many months or years sometimes, a large number of public adopts it. Classic fashion includes iconic designs and historical outfits as well.


It is a bitter truth of our society that we judge every individual by the fashion he/she has adopted or how much expensive clothes he/she is wearing, but we never ever estimate the inner qualities and talent of that individual. Sometimes the most fantastic mind is hidden under very old fashion and dirty clothes; just he/she can’t afford expensive outfits just like you, doesn’t mean that they are less than rest of society. Once a legend said “Never judge a book by its cover”

 Fashion and Career

Apart from this whole discussion fashion industry is one of the most successful and leading industries of this time, 18% of the people are looking to pursue their careers in the fashion industry. Many fashion and designing brands weekly publish add in newspapers and online that they want creative and sensational individuals for promotional and marketing strategies. In other words, fashion industry is now catching energetic and charismatic persons for their business running goals, weekly or monthly we witness a number of fashion shows and catwalks in which models showcase the new designs or renowned artists. In short, it is now a billion dollars industry so if you have courage and capability then pursue your career in a similar field.