FIFA 22: Alternative versions of Ferrán Torres, Tomiyasu and Elmas are now available. These are your numbers

Ferrán Torres, Eljif Elmas and Takehiro Tomiyasu appeared as Future Stars last Sunday, February 6. Well, now they get another special version to accompany the second team of transfers. They also appear in FIFA 22 packs until Friday the 18th and their characteristics have changed compared to the previous items. Here you can see what the new ones look like.

FIFA 22 – New Future Stars versions

Ferran Torres

He has four stars for skills and bad leg, high/medium work rate, Body Type “Slim”, he is 1’84 and right-handed.

Regarding the other item, Ferrán Torres ED improves his speed and passing in exchange for worse shooting and physicality. But the speed boost isn’t that useful because his pace is off. If we want him to be really fast in the long races, we would have to apply a chemistry like Falcon. While the most amazing thing is his 98 vision, he will be an awesome wizard.

Takehiro Tomiyasu

FIFA 22: The alternative versions of Ferrán Torres, Tomiyasu and Elmas are now available. These are their new Tomiyasu Ultimate Team stats in game numbersFIFA 22: the alternative versions of Ferrán Torres, Tomiyasu and Elm ace are now available. These are Tomiyasu's new Ultimate Team stats in game numbers
He has low/high work rate, Body Type “Tall and balanced +”, is 1’88 and is right-handed.

Tomiyasu leaves the right side to occupy the central zone. him There he does not stand out so much because of his 1’88 height and his 82 pace is not impressive either . In FIFA 22, we’re already used to seeing reasonably priced center backs that are even faster. Although his physical and defense stats are very convincing. If he has a low cost, it could be an interesting value for money card.

Eljif Elmas

He has five stars for skills and four for bad leg, high/medium work rate, Body Type “Thin”, He is 1’84 and right-handed.

Elmas advances his position to appear as a midfielder. He is a player with several notable virtues, many correct statistics and only one serious flaw. Since his pace is so unbalanced, he’ll barely be able to get to 92 sprint with Hunter. So he is not a good player in long runs. But attacking in static if he can be more useful thanks to the five-star skill moves. And even though he’s 1’84, we shouldn’t feel clumsy because of the “Slim” Body Type.

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