FIFA 22: high-average footballers among the Bundesliga POTM nominees in January

Bundesliga and Ligue 1 are the only leagues yet to reveal their FIFA 22 Player of the Month for January. And if a couple of days ago we met the candidates of the French competition, today we have discovered who are the ones from Germany. Here we find some high average footballers, although none of them fit with the goal of Ultimate Team. You can vote for your favorite from the following link.

FIFA 22 – POTM Bundesliga candidates in January

  • Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich): They won two of the three games played and the Polish striker scored a total of four goals. They are leaders of the Bundesliga, with nine points more than the second classified. His POTM would have great shooting stats, but it would be a bit slow and the dribbling would be off balance. Also his stamina is a bit low, so the lack of rhythm would be even more visible. Not the ideal striker profile in FIFA 22.
  • Thomas Müller (Bayern Munich): Three goals and one assist in three games. As Player of the month he would be worthless because of his lack of speed, forward defenders could slow him down too easily and he wouldn’t excel in the final meters either.
  • Erling Haaland (Borussia Dortmund): They won all three games in January and are second in the Bundesliga. He scored three goals and dished out one assist. Although some of his stats would be high, he is another lopsided dribbling player. As a passer he is also out of place and above all it bothers him that he barely reaches three stars in skills and a bad leg. He wouldn’t be an exciting POTM in FIFA 22 either.
  • Moussa Diaby (Bayer Leverkusen): They added seven of the nine possible points and are currently third. The French attacker scored a hat-trick in his match against Augsburg. If he delivered on the bad leg, he could be a very interesting player as a weak but electric DC. Too bad it barely reaches two stars, this weakness obscures its main virtues.
  • Josko Gvardiol (RB Leipzig): It is curious that one of the nominees with the lowest average is the one who probably better fit with the FIFA 22 meta. Since his overall rating is so low, he should get a hefty stat upgrade. He already stands out for his rhythm and his physique is not bad at all. If the defensive attributes were at the right level, he could be a very usable DFC. Although it is also true that in the Bundesliga we find quite a few useful cards in that position. His team won all the games in January, they are seventh and he scored a goal.
  • Patrick Wimmer (Arminia): Goal and assist during the month, his club added five of the nine possible points and they are fifteenth. The attribute buff would have to be huge for him to be properly leveled, as some of his stats are very poor. But at least he does have four skill stars and a bad leg.

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