FIFA 22: quite new (and strange) content would arrive soon according to this leak

Future Stars is the focus of FIFA 22 right now, and according to the latest leaks, we’d be seeing some pretty weird content in Ultimate Team soon. @FutSheriff states that four Olympique de Marseille footballers are listed as SBC players for this celebration. They are Guendouzi, Kamara, Saliba and Gueye.

On occasion, multiple cards from the same club have appeared in FUT. But the fact that four items from a single team arrive in Squad Building Challenges is something unprecedented. If memory serves us right, it has never happened in game mode. It really is quite rare and it was difficult to imagine that a club would obtain four special versions in a single holiday, without depending on sporting merits (in times of TOTS or TOTY it is more logical).

FIFA 22 Leak – Future Stars Marseille

It’s also strange that Guendouzi already gets a new card , because his Winter Wildcards appeared at the end of December and has good stats. So the next version should be pretty powerful, the numbers from it could be spectacular.

Another noteworthy aspect is that three of the four footballers are defensive midfielders in their base cards. If they keep the original position, one or more would not be very valuable because they would be in charge of fulfilling the same role in the Ultimate Team teams. If so many cards from a single club appear, the logical thing is that they are different profiles to be able to use all of them at the same time in an eleven.

It is also surprising that Guendouzi and Kamara are going to appear as Future Stars, because they have already been part of the celebration in previous years. But as @FutSheriff says, they could receive another type of special version (like a Flashback, for example).

A type of SBC similar to that of the Nation-players?

Last summer, we saw some country SBCs split into three individual Squad Building Challenges. Each of them included a special card, so we could get three players of the same nationality. Perhaps EA Sports plans to do something similar but with the clubs, and they have decided to start with Olympique de Marseille. The dynamics could be similar, although it is not the same to get three special versions of a team than from a country. In the case of nationalities, each player could belong to a different league.

Keep in mind that this is a leak, it is not official information. In fact, it’s hard to believe that a single club can get so many items in one celebration. Even more so if one of the players is Guendouzi, because we already saw him at a recent event and he has a very complete menu. But we already know about @FutSheriff’s huge hit record, so it’s probably true (despite such weird content in Ultimate Team).

Last summer, SBCs appeared in which we could get three cards from a specific country. Perhaps we will see something similar, although using this dynamic with clubs is not the same as doing it with nationalities, because the players of a nation can belong to different leagues.

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