FIFA 22: Remarkable New Upgrade, Big Cards Coming Soon, and Some Disappointments (Headliners Follow-Up)

Many of the main European leagues have returned and we must comment on several notable news about the FIFA 22 Headliners. While in Ultimate Team we continue with the Future Stars event, the orange versions keep zooming in and out of the bonus upgrade for their respective teams’ league wins.

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Remember that, to get that extra boost, it is necessary for the player’s club to chain four consecutive wins in the league. The first to achieve it was Harry Wilson and another footballer will improve his numbers next Wednesday, February 9: Kalidou Koulibaly . The Napoli defender is easier to link to and much more competitive. Although he doesn’t stand out because of his acceleration, he is a very safe center back in Ultimate Team because of his high defensive stats and his privileged physique.

Other FIFA 22 Headliners would receive the upgrade if he hadn’t changed teams. But the Colombian winger Luis Díaz was transferred from Porto to Liverpool, so he should not improve his attributes for the fourth victory of the Portuguese team. We assume that he won’t get the boost, though he will stay in his old club until he updates the card with the new one. And for this he will have to get an In Form, or that Klopp’s team win four games in a row since his arrival (previous victories do not count).

We leave you here the situation of each orange card. Players from PSG, Bayern Munich and Leverkusen are just one win away from raising their stats. In the Premier League there is no news because no one played a game, while the negative news was for Nkunku and Brandt. They added three victories previously but did not achieve the definitive victory. And in the Santander League, the only one who won his match was Vinícius. Acuña, Carrasco, Elustondo and Joselu keep the counter at zero.

FIFA 22 – Headliners Tracking (fourth week)

Headliners with the upgrade already applied

  • Harry Wilson (Fulham)

Upgrade assured

  • Koulibaly (Napoli): They beat Venezia and the Senegalese central defender will receive his extra upgrade thanks to it. His stats should go up this Wednesday, February 9, and from then on, he can only improve if he gets an In Form version.

Headliners with three wins

  • Kylian Mbappé (PSG): After the 1-5 win over Lille, they will play the match decisive next Friday against Rennes at home. They are leaders of Ligue 1 and their rivals occupy fifth place.
  • Joshua Kimmich and Serge Gnabry (Bayern Munich): They beat Leipzig 3-2, like this who have the chance to get the upgrade against Bochum away from home. They play that match next Saturday, February 12, they are first and their rivals eleventh.
  • Patrik Schick (Bayer Leverkusen): They beat Borussia Dortmund 2-5. The next league match will be against Stuttgart at home, on Saturday, February 12. They are currently third and their penultimate rivals.