FIFA 22: SBC Luiz Felipe Moments – New Sfida Creazione Rosa Available

Electronic Arts has released the SBC that allows you to unlock the Moments version of Luiz Felipe for the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team mode .

Le carte Player Moments are special oggetti that celebrate the decisive party in the carrier of a giocatore, with statistics that rifled the performance in that determined party.

Potete riscattare the special card of the Brazilian defender who militates in Lazio by completing the Sfida Creazione Rosa available in FUT 22.

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SBC Requirement Luiz Felipe Moments

  • Min. 1 giocatore/i from/i da: Series A
  • Valutazione squadra min.: 85
  • Intesa di squadra min.: 75
  • Number of giocatori in rosa: 11

Soluzioni SBC Luiz Felipe Moments

Recordate control always premium in your club is available carte utility with stesso overall and that guarantee also the stessa affinità with altre carte presenti nella soluzione que riportiamo de seguito. In this way you can get rid of the credit prices.

Solutions available at the following link.

Overall and Stats Luiz Felipe Moments

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