Filmin premieres a series that fans of The X Files or Fringe will like

Recently we published a piece of news about the growth that Filmin is having and how it is already surpassing Movistar+. To achieve this, they not only try to offer subscribers the highest quality cinema, they also look for series that may be interesting or different from the proposals of other platforms.

It is in this last aspect that its new release: OVNIs fits. This is a French series that focuses on GEFAN, the Group for the Study of Unidentified Flying Objects, an area of ??the Government that actually existed.

If series such as the X Files are known in which the protagonists are dedicated to investigating paranormal phenomena and ufology, in OVNIs they do not neglect the search for evidence that demonstrates the existence of these ships, but everything is narrated in a very pleasant comedic tone

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The protagonist is a space engineer who is demoted when the rocket in which he has invested all his efforts explodes shortly after taking off. As punishment, he is sent to collaborate with the GEFAN.

In this area you should find out what is true in the sightings of alien spacecraft that are reported and, in general, dismantle or explain what the citizens who have seen say.

The attractiveness of the series is not only found in the search for evidence, it is also in the group of companions that the protagonist now has. As with the Parliament series, which is on Filmin and takes place in the European Parliament, here all the characters have their comic point.

The producers of UFOs have confirmed that there will be a second season, but for now the first installment is being released with 12 30-minute episodes, the usual format for comedies.

The science fiction comedy UFOs joins other great Filmin hits and will be available on the platform from February 8. It will please fans of the genre, but also those looking for a very enjoyable story to watch.