Filtered the possible and unexpected villain of The Flash: new cameos on the way

The Flash, one of the upcoming DC and Warner Bros. movies, aims to turn the current DCEU upside down to fire some characters and welcome others, in addition to opening the doors of the publisher’s cinematic multiverse. And despite the fact that we already have confirmation and first glimpses of appearances by characters like Supergirl or Ben Affleck’s or Michael Keaton’s Batman, nothing was known about the film’s villain; until now. And it seems that a piece of merchandising from a component of the production would have leaked the possible and surprising antagonist of the film.

Will Reverse Flash be the bad guy in the movie?

This is how the CBR media reports it, showing the publication of Shane Steyn, stunt actor, in which you can see a photograph of a production t-shirt with the logo of the movie The Flash along with his work in the production (Stunt Team 2021) and various character silhouettes. And it is that beyond the figures that seem to belong to Supergirl and Batman (because of the shape of the cape, it would be Keaton’s), the silhouette of a character that could well belong to Reverse Flash stands out. >, a monstrous and evil version of Barry Allen who debuted in the comics in 1998.

On the other hand, the Screen Geek portal ensures that both Aquaman and Wonder Woman will appear in the film in the form of cameos, although it is not clear if they will do so as the current versions of the DCEU or another universe. And it seems that both Jason Momoa and Gal Gadot would have participated very briefly in the production.

Although the most notorious rumor about the film is that a new alignment of the Justice League would be born from it. The Flash opens in theaters next November 4, 2022.

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