Final Fantasy XIV, how will it continue to be active for 10 more years? this is your plan

The present of Final Fantasy XIV Online is encouraging; while the future shows no signs of slowing down. Square Enix’s successful MMORPG, one of the most played in the world, has had several years of great success. From the Shadowbringers expansion to the recent Endwalker, the title led by Naoki Yoshida now draws a thick line, a determining point that separates the present from the future of the game. That’s how they hope to keep it going for at least another ten years.

Final Fantasy XIV will improve its textures, shadows and lighting soon.

Update 7.0; improvements to play alone or with friends; graphic improvements

The first thing that stands out from the extensive video Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LXVIII, published on the official Square Enix channel, is that Naoki Yoshida will not leave his position as producer of Final Fantasy XIV unless the CEO of the Japanese company requests it. His commitment is total; even now, that he is producing Final Fantasy XVI for PS5 in parallel. With more than 25 million registered players and an expansion that is delighting both locals and foreigners, these are the three main goals of his team for the next decade:

  • Update 7.0: with improvements in the single-player and multiplayer experience.
  • First graphical update.
  • Trust System Update: The Trust system allows a user to form a party with three AI-controlled characters to participate in certain dungeons. Designed for the solo experience.
  • Preparation of the next big expansion (more ahead of the 7.0 update).
  • Graphic update: improvements to the lighting system and character animation.
  • Scenario background improvements.
  • Higher quality shadows.
  • Textures with more detail.
  • System improvements self-generating foliage.

Although Final Fantasy XIV is available on PS5, PC (Windows and Mac) and PS4, the latter will not be neglected in the medium term. The PlayStation 4 version is guaranteed to receive the 7.0 update. From there, decisions will be made little by little, but there will come a time when the veteran Sony platform is left behind. For now, the Final Fantasy XIV team continues to recruit new employees for game design and graphic design.

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