Finally Sifu will include difficulty modes with a patch along with improvements in accessibility

You have to know how to master kung fu, which can be a very difficult task. Sloclap has imposed on Sifu the rule that the player adapts to the circumstances, manages to dodge the kick to the neck and returns the blow in the form of a punch to the chin. All this through a unique difficulty mode.

Now, the co-founder of the studio Pierre Tarno has announced during a chat on Twitch Gaming that Sifu will implement difficulty scales, although he has not clarified when they will be added. This will be possible thanks to a patch that will arrive in the future to the title and remains in line with what Tarno himself declared last year.

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In his previous presentation, the person in charge explained that although he wants “ Sifu to challenge players and encourage them to learn, improve and adapt “, he did not rule out difficulty modes after his arrival on February 8. Of course, he has clarified that the work “probably won’t become a walk in the park either”, but he understands that there are people who “can’t invest the necessary time” to complete it and wants to help enjoy the adventure.

This update is expected to be similar to what was seen with the last Metroid Dread patch, with an easier mode and another that will make Sifu an even more difficult game. On the other hand, Tarno has apologized to PS5 and PS4 players, since some accessibility options are not yet present on consoles, but they are on PC. In the future, this issue will be corrected and backgrounds will be added for the subtitles, the possibility of pausing the scenes or adding ambient noise as a subtitle, along with more possibilities.

The truth is that Sifu is preparing more content for the future, among which we will not find anything related to a multiplayer aspect. In addition, the game will also come to Xbox after ending its temporary exclusivity on consoles.