Finally! The LEC is once again completely face-to-face

Even with the pandemic, esports have not suffered too much thanks to their digital status. After all, you can play from home and compete in the same way. But it doesn’t feel the same, it’s been since 2020 that we haven’t seen a full matchday of the LEC with all 10 teams on stage. And we will continue like this for a while, because the official Twitter of the LEC has confirmed the presence of some matches, but not all.

In the statement published after this tweet they mention that only the first and last game of the day will be played in person. This is a first step in which they will be able to ensure that other teams do not cross the premises and maintain the safety of each organization and workers.

They also mention that they plan to gradually return to normality, incorporating more and more face-to-face matches. Last year we already had an experiment where matches 1, 3 and 5 were played offline, but the situation with the virus varies and they have to adapt.

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If all goes well, we can dream of seeing all 10 teams play on stage for the last weeks of the season . What is almost certain is that we will see the playoffs in person, since only two teams will have to go each day to the facilities where the competition is played.

Little by little we are returning to normality in the LEC, this season we are once again left without a final in another country, since the final phase will be played entirely in Berlin.