First review of the Intel Arc Alchemist A380: “OK in its price range”

SiSoftware has published the first review of its kind of the Intel Arc Alchemist A380, the dedicated graphics card with which the chip giant will cover the input range. In addition to the scores of this model, the media has published the general specifications of the rest of the range and they are the ones we have been telling you about.

Intel is carefully preparing its return to the dedicated graphics segment twenty years after its departure. Although the company continues to dominate the total number of graphics chips with those integrated into its processors, it has been falling far behind in performance and technology. That will end next quarter with these Arc Alchemist, the culmination of several years of work and a significant investment in money and talent.

Intel Arc Alchemist A380: results

The truth is that more important than specific performance data, what we need is that Intel graphics offer sufficient competition, balanced in price, with good drivers and that they are distributed in a good number to help the current chaotic situation.

SiSoftware has pitted the Intel card against the Radeon RX 6500 XT, the RTX 3050 and the GTX 1660 Ti, three models that, like it, are aimed at the entry-level range. The tests carried out have been carried out on the memory bandwidth:

And also general purpose GPU (GPGPU) compute benchmarks (OpenCL / CUDA); vector performance; image processing; scientific analysis; financial analysis; crypto and hashing performance.

They are general synthetic tests that simply place us at the level of the card. And a little more. We still need to know if the test has been carried out on engineering or final samples, the working frequencies and much more data. Also, Intel will continue to work on drivers until release so the final results should improve.

You can review the graphs at this link. As a general conclusion, the medium assigns the Intel Arc Alchemist A380 a 7 out of 10, estimating that it offers “nothing special” and qualifying it as an “OK for its price range”. Keep in mind that this model will be the entry-level model and will have an estimated price of 199 dollars.

Specifications of the range

The outlet has also published the general characteristics of the range and they are as expected from what is known so far. You will see it more clearly in the following image, which includes a summary of the execution units or the memory and bus capacity.

We will have time to analyze it when we have official data, but that said, the important thing is to have another actor to buy dedicated graphics from. Intel has the talent and resources to -in a short time- become a consistent alternative.