First Steam 2022 Poll: Windows 11 and Oculus Quest 2 on the Rise

Like every month, although becoming especially important at the beginning of the year, Valve has published the results of its latest Steam survey in which users, optionally and anonymously, share the hardware and software of their installations , giving us a basic idea of ??the most popular components and operating systems in the gaming sector.

And it is that this survey offers us uses such as serving as a small guide to build a computer, knowing that we use the components most used by the players of the popular PC platform. In fact, Valve itself has been making sure for years that it uses it to make investment decisions and the products it offers.

Following the same order as the survey itself, we begin by looking at the processors. A sector that, despite not offering an excessively large change, shows us how AMD continues to cut Intel’s ground little by little, passing to a presence of 31.07% and 68.93% of presence, respectively , showing slow but still steady growth since the launch of Ryzen processors. Similarly, 4-core CPUs continue to be the most popular among gaming platform users, with predominant frequencies between 2.3 Ghz and 2.69 Ghz.

Moving on to one of the most anticipated aspects, we again find a predominance of NVIDIA graphics, with 75.4% compared to 15.05% and 9.31% of AMD and Intel, although the distance continues to slowly decrease. As for the most used model, one more month we find ourselves with the unbeaten GTX 1060, yes, which falls slightly behind the GTX 1650. However, Steam offers us some additional interesting data, showing us that the most used AMD GPU is the Radeon RX 580, while Intel users opt for the UHD Graphics.

In general, graphics that are not only far from the latest models (partly due to the still present lack of units, speculation and overpricing), but are all outside the world of ray tracing, increasingly popular among the latest games.

For its part, with regard to virtual reality, the Oculus Quest 2 once again dominates the market presenting a new growth, expanding its presence by up to 6.39% compared to the month passed to capture the figure of 46.02% of all VR helmets.

Lastly, finally turning to software, it never ceases to amaze us that despite the great reluctance still seen among users, the Steam survey shows us a constant growth of Windows 11, rising this first month of the year by up to 3.41% to establish itself without a doubt as the second most used operating system by users, with 13.56% of the total share. Although it still has a long way to go to take the throne from Windows 10, which still leads this list with a 77.82% presence.

So it will be interesting to see if later this month, or perhaps in the next Steam survey in March, we’ll see a growth in Linux usage thanks to the entry of SteamOS alongside the Stam Deck.

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