Five children and one adult missing after boat crash in Bolívar

The collision of two boats on the Magdalena River, near the town of Tolú, in the municipality of Magangué leaves 6 people missing, including five minors.

Authorities in the region reported that, at 10 pm on Sunday night, one of the boats full of passengers was returning from the San Sebastián del Coyonal, in the corregimiento of Buena Vista, municipality of Magangué, when it collided head-on with another boat traveling in the opposite direction.

Currents make rescues difficult

As a consequence of the collision 16 people fell into the water but 5 minors and one adult remain missing.

The Marine Infantry reported that the search for the disappeared began at midnight, but the river in this area has several eddies, which has made search and rescue efforts difficult.

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