Ford invests 20,000 million dollars more in the electric car

Ford increases its investment for the electric car by 20,000 dollars. In this way, the US company accelerates its electricity offensive, after announcing 22,000 million dollars (18,000 million euros) and another 185 million for a battery plant.

In Detroit they are willing to throw the house out the window to become one of the leading manufacturers in electric mobility, as stated by the colleagues at Business Insider.

The company led by Jim Farley is going to add 20,000 million dollars (about 17,700 million euros) to the 22,000 million already announced, spread over a period of five to ten years.

This amount of money will not only go to the development of the electric car, but also to adapt the factories where gasoline vehicles are produced so that they can build electric vehicles, according to the Bloomberg agency.

Ford increases by 20,000 million dollars its investment for the electric car

Ford’s ambitious project will be led by Doug Field, who was Apple’s Vice President of Special Projects until last September and responsible for the development of the electric car of the company, the Apple Car, although Tim Cook’s company never openly acknowledged it.

According to Bloomberg, the oval brand intends to dedicate a part of its electric car business to create a new company capable of obtaining external financing, taking advantage of the interest of many investors for startups focused on the electric car.

The new company would focus on the development of less volume electric cars, while Ford would continue to be in charge of mass models. This plan would be supported by the hiring of new engineers specialized in areas of software, artificial intelligence or battery chemistry, among others.

And what about Almussafes?

While Ford accelerates its electric strategy, the Almussafes plant remains waiting to receive the allocation of the electric models that do not yet have a defined destination.

In this regard, the factory board and the UGT, the majority union among plant workers, reached an agreement at the end of January, the content of which has not yet been revealed, but both parties promised to make it public so that the rest of the workers’ representatives can join.

This agreement will be transfer to Detroit with the aim of getting Almussafes to be assigned the manufacture of those electric models, whose manufacture does not yet have a fixed destination. The Valencian plant will have the Saarlouis factory in Germany as its main rival.

This article was published in Autobild by Álvaro Escobar.