Fortnite: how to get the new Scepter of Hearts pickaxe from Chapter 3 for free

We are seven days away from capitalism telling us that we have to buy things for the person we love to show them the erroneous idea that love is measured in relation to money. On the other hand, the grotesque holiday of Valentine’s Day brings not only bad things, but also gifts for those of us who are Fortnite players.

I may have sounded a bit hypocritical in the previous paragraph, but no one in their right mind would refuse to be given a gift within the battle royale. Therefore, below I leave you with the list of steps you will have to follow in order to get the new Fortnite Scepter of Hearts pickaxe.

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  • First of all, you will need to visit this website and register there with your Epic Games account ?
  • Just by registering, you will get the Reign of Love emoticon for free ?
  • In addition, if you play a total of 30 minutes on the creative map of this event, you will unlock the Scepter of Hearts pickaxe ?
  • The code of the map in question that you will have to play once you have registered for the event is this: 7266-3680-0768 ?
  • You can access it by entering this code in the Fortnite Creative Mode search engine or by adding the map to your library from this link so that it appears directly in the game
  • You will have until February 14th to get these items ?
fortnite pickaxe heartsfortnite pico-hearts

It is still unknown what other events Epic Games will prepare for this year’s Fortnite Valentine’s event. What I do know is that the community often designs cosmetic items that I would love to have in-game like this backpacking accessory. And, the truth is, this type of date would be a perfect occasion for the company to be encouraged to bring more items like this to the game.