Fortnite receives this new weapon thanks to the correction of update 19.20 (February 8)

I don’t know if it’s just that I’m just too spoiled with Fortnite updating every few days with tons of new content, but I can’t help but be disappointed every time I see a patch for the game arrive more very empty of content. But why do I say this exactly? Well, because Epic Games has already announced what’s new in the new update 19.20 today, February 8th.

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The thing is that I always do the same thing before the arrival of a new version of Fortnite: leave you with a list of the contents that have been unlocked in the game with it. But today I’m only here to talk to you about one… because it’s the only thing you can talk about: a new weapon that we can find in our battle royale games.

This is the Automatic Pistol, the new weapon in Fortnite Chapter 3

  • This is an especially powerful weapon at short distancess
  • It will also work with enemies that are far away, as long as we control their dispersion by shooting in bursts
  • It has a large charger size
  • We can find it in chests, supply boxes, fishing or finding it on the ground
  • Next, I leave you with an image of the weapon so you can see what it looks like:
fortnite submachine gunfortnite submachine gun

What do you think of this new Fortnite weapon? The truth is that it is appreciated that Epic Games does not focus only on cosmetic crossovers with other franchises and add new playable items to the battle royale; though, I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t really expect more from this patch.