Fortnite will not be supported on the Steam Deck; Epic Games CEO explains why

Fortnite: Battle Royale will not receive official support on Steam Deck, so it will enter the list of video games not natively compatible with the new Valve laptop , whose form factor invites to resemble it to a portable console. Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games —the company responsible for Fortnite—, has explained on the social network Twitter why his massive free-to-play will not take advantage of the premiere of this device to expand its range of platforms, and the reason is summed up in a few characters: traps.

“Fortnite no, but we are making a great effort to maximize the compatibility of Easy Anti Cheat with the Steam Deck”, he begins by saying. The budding title uses an anti-cheat system to prevent users from violating the correct functioning of the games; either by powering up their characters or by altering the environment or inventory in some way.Steam Deck

Steam Deck | valve

Therefore, other titles that use Easy Anti Cheat will end up being compatible with the Steam Deck, but not the battle royale now the protagonist. However: “We are not confident that we can combat cheating at scale under a wide range of kernel configurations, including custom ones.”

Will Fortntie somehow run on Steam Deck?

In theory, yes. Users who have a Steam Deck and install Windows on a partition will be able to use the PC version of Fortnite by downloading the launcher from Epic Games. In this way, the computer version of the title will run, but not with the optimization that can be achieved if Epic offers official support, which would guarantee that its performance is optimal with hardly any user action. Soon we will get rid of doubts.

Steam Deck will begin shipping on February 28 to early buyers; The emails to complete the reservations will start this February 25 at 19:00 (CET). Valve has already verified titles like Deathloop, Horizon Zero Dawn or God of War. If you have a pre-ordered Steam Deck, here’s how to check the device’s estimated delivery date.

We remind you that there are currently three Steam Deck models:

  • 64 GB eMMC for 419 euros
  • 256 GB NVMe SSD for 549 euros
  • 512 GB NVMe SSD for 679 euros

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