Franklin and Lamar’s Cooperative Story in GTA Online, Short Trips, Now Available to All Players

Rockstar launched at the end of 2021 a huge update for GTA Online, The Contract, with a new story that brought us together with Franklin, one of the protagonists of GTA V, as well as his faithful friend Lamar Davis.

Although his role was minor, when you finished one of the secondary tasks of The Contract you unlocked a cooperative story for two players in which you played Franklin and Lamar, Short Trips .

To unlock Short Trips you had to locate all the missing songs of Dr. Dre, one of The Contract’s VIP contracts. But that is no longer necessary, because from now on all GTA Online players will be able to directly access the story from the activities menu.

Also, you are encouraged to play it this week, because it offers double rewards (GTA$ and RP)through February 16th.

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The story tells how Lamar Davis wants to open his own legal marijuana business, but that brings unwanted trouble: black market dealers want to sabotage legal businesses, and billionaire investors try to buy the most humble businesses.

So, Lamar asks for help from Franklin, who is now an entrepreneur who has put down roots in Los Santos and has a family of his own. . The story is full of action and the characteristic humor of this couple, who starred in one of the best recent memes, the Lamar roast Franklin, that even recreated their actors in real life, and honored him in The Contract.

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Short trips can be a good experience to play as a couple this weekend in GTA Online, which is dyed pink for Valentine’s Day, subsidizing other modes such as Death do us part or Shotgun wedding.

Very soon you will be able to play GTA V Enhanced on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, as it comes out in March. GTA Online will launch as a standalone game, and will be available for free on PS5 for three months. Also, Rockstar confirmed that GTA 6 is already in development.