freak out! A programmer runs Wordle on a Game Boy, and this is what it looks like

Wordle has taken over our lives and I still don’t even know how it happened. Although come on, it is what usually happens with viral things, that they appear one day as a mushroom and the next day everyone follows it. Or almost everyone, because I still haven’t figured out how Wordle works or anything. I’ve tried but I keep getting lost. I’m old now, I should retire.

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Wordle will remain free after purchase from the New York Times, so you can play it offline

And that’s the way things are, until everyone forgets about Wordle. There are still a few months of gasoline left, but this tidal wave of squares on Twitter will eventually pass and we’ll move on to something else. Meanwhile, those who want can enjoy the game and the rest… Well, we can see things like this whose results are great.

This is how wordle-works on Game Boy

  • It was the stacksmashing programmer who has made this possible ?
  • Now you can play Wordle on your Game Boy >. You have it completely free at this link ?
  • This is going to surprise you, because it has managed to do it in just one day ?
  • The game in Nintendo handheld would look like this ?
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  • In case you don’t have a Game Boy or don’t want to use it for that, the creator has also made a PC version inspired by the console and that you can play at this link ?
  • And if you are professional hackers like the protagonist of Mr. Robot, the creator has left this link with the project code so you can modify it ?
  • I want you to fill the networks with pics trying this wonder ?