Futurama returns with a new season: everything confirmed and how it can be seen

As soon as it was known last night, social networks were filled with messages of joy. This time it is not a rumor and the different parties have confirmed it: Futurama will return in a big way through Hulu and we will meet again with all the characters of the original series.

The first of all is to point out that they will not be movies or a small installment in miniseries format, but that Hulu has commissioned 20 new episodes and all the participants in previous installments of the series have confirmed that they will return to the project, including David X. Cohen and Matt Groening.

The news broke through The Hollywood Reporter and was later confirmed on social networks with different messages like this one from Hulu:

Let us remember that Futurama began its journey in 1999 and added 7 seasons in an interrupted way before closing the story in September 2013.

Along the way, not only were 140 episodes left, but also 4 movies. With its best and worst episodes, Futurama’s humor was never lacking.

He liked it a lot despite all the problems he suffered. For example, it seemed that it had better acceptance than today (Dis)enchantment, a series that has just released a new season, but it is also true that it was before the explosion of streaming platforms.


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In any case, it has been confirmed that most of the original voices will also return to the series of which we will have new episodes in 2023.

It remains to be noted that Hulu has not arrived as an independent platform in Spain, but its most important content is received through Disney+. For this reason, this will surely be the way to see the return of Futurama if there are no more changes, something that cannot be guaranteed, but today the previous seasons are available through Star on Disney+.

A Despite the good image it maintains, Futurama was not always accompanied by such a massive audience as expected, at least compared to other series, but it will surely be very well received next year. We are looking forward to meeting all the characters again.