Game & Watch for true collectors! Museum pieces in the Chocheluismos

Welcome one more Saturday to the Chocheluismos, the section of Hobby Consoles dedicated to the nostalgic retro of José Luis Sanz, JL Skywalker! And while we’re at it, few things are more retro than Game & Watch, Nintendo’s endearing and well-known portable consoles, which have recently become fashionable again due to the special editions of Zelda and Mario.

Well, there are portable ones and not so portable ones because, in fact, in this video we are going to show you some models of considerable size that are a real joy for collectors. Throughout the 1980s, Nintendo released tons of different models and some of them are extremely difficult to find today.

In the video above we show you a look at part from the Game & Watch personal collection that Uncle Chocheluís has. And many of them are pristine in the box, which makes them even more difficult to see!

As José Luis explains, the technology of the Nintendo Game & Watch is not based on pixels, like “common” portable consoles, but instead used segments for their characteristic graphics, just like the typical digital clock.

The controls, logically, were the most simple, but that does not mean that passing their tests was easy. Surely many of you remember entire afternoons dedicated to beating the highest scores or facing the “fearsome” Game B, in which the difficulty skyrocketed.

Undoubtedly, the most known is Donkey Kong, which was very popular at the time. Its double screen laid the foundations for what would later become Nintendo DS or 3DS, years later.

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Its crosshead control has also been a feature patented by Nintendo and reused in later consoles, designed by the legendary Gunpei Yokoi (creator of the Game Boy, for example ), precisely, for that Donkey Kong we referred to earlier. As you can see, a good part of Nintendo’s legacy comes from these gadgets!

What other consoles or retro video games would you like us to recover in future installments of Chocheluismos? Leave your suggestions in the comments below or on the Twitter account of @Tycho_fan and we will take note, to show them in the next Saturdays. Tito Chocheluís dares with everything!