Genshin Impact: All About Version 2.5 “When the Cherry Blossoms”

The long-awaited new version 2.5When the cherry blossoms are in bloom is finally available, arriving in the game this Wednesday February 16 for to welcome Yae Miko and bring new quests, events, mini-games and more. Below we tell you everything it contains, in addition to reminding you of the free reward codes available during this month of February. Speaking of protogems, just by updating the game to this new patch we can obtain up to 600 for free as compensation for the closure temporary servers.

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Genshin Impact version 2.5 – New character: Yae Miko

To begin with, the highlight of this new version is the arrival of Yae Miko in the game. The High Priestess of the Narukami Grand Shrine and editor-in-chief of Editorial Yae lands with the following characteristics of her own that make her stand out:

  • Vision: Electro
  • Weapon: Catalyst
  • Elemental Ability: causes it to move quickly past a kitsune cherry tree that intermittently rains lightning down on nearby enemies, dealing Electro Damage. If there are other Kitsune Cherry Trees nearby, they will level up, increasing the damage they deal. Only 3 kitsune cherry trees can exist at the same time and their initial maximum level is level 3.
  • Ultimate Ability: Supreme Secret Technique: Incarnation of Celestial Kitsune” makes lightning strikes that deal damage Electro on AoE.When used, all nearby kitsune cherry trees are destroyed to transform into lightning bolts of Heavenly Kitsune dealing Electro Damage on AoE.A bolt of Heavenly Kitsune will fall for each kitsune cherry tree destroyed in this way.

New weapons

  • Kagura Axiom (Catalyst) 5 Stars: A divine bell blessed by the High Priestess and used in kagura dance performances. From it emanates the fragrance of the Sacred Cherry. When using the Elemental Skill, you gain the “kagura dance” effect, which increases the damage of the Elemental Skill of the character who equips this weapon. This effect lasts 16 seconds and can stack up to 3 times. At 3 stacks, said character gains a bonus to all Elemental Damage types.
  • 4-star Eye of the Oath (Catalyst): A treasure from the Byakuya kingdom kept in the Dainichi Mikoshi. After the arrival of the serpent god, it was used in Enkanomiya as a witness to great oaths and wishes. After using Elemental Skill, Energy Recharge is increased for 10s. During the “Ritual of Entrance of the Three Worlds” event, explore Enkanomiya, which is engulfed in great darkness. Upgrade the Attunement Box to a certain level and you will get Eye of the Oath (Catalyst) and its refining material as a reward.

New event

Three Worlds Entrance Ritual Event: Participate in the event to obtain the exclusive weapon Eye of the Oath (Catalyst). During the event, explore Enkanomiya, which is in deep darkness. Upgrade the Box of Attunement to a certain level and you’ll get Eye of the Oath (Catalyst), its refining material, and Crown of Wisdom, among other rewards. Complete event exploration quests to earn Protogems and Weapon Ascension Materials, among other rewards.

  • Duration: from 2022/02/17 10:00 until the end of version 2.5.
  • R participation requirements: have reached Adventure Rank 30 or higher. Completed the Archon quest “Chapter II, Act II.” Completed the world quest “The Secret of Erebus”.

New stories and legendary quests

Shogun Raiden Legendary Quest “Imperatrix Umbrosa, Act II: Fleeting Dreams”

  • Duration: Permanently available after the release of version 2.5.
  • Mission unlock requirements: Reached Rank Adventure 40 or higher. Completed the Archon quest “Chapter II, Act III: Omnipresence Over Mortals.” Completed the Shogun Raiden legendary quest “Imperatrix Umbrosa, Act I: Reflections on Mortality.”

Yae Miko’s Legendary Quest “Divine Vulpes, Act I: Narukami’s Great Offering”

  • Duration: Available permanently after the release of version 2.5.
  • Mission unlock requirements: have reached Adventure Rank 40 or higher. Completed the Shogun Raiden legendary quest “Imperatrix Umbrosa, Act II: Fleeting Dreams”.

New Enemies – Almighty Narukami of Catastrophe

The mighty puppet who acts on behalf of the Shogun Raiden to deal with enemies that pose a threat against eternity. In battle, she will continually absorb “ominous fate”, and upon reaching maximum charge, she will enter “shadow mistress” mode. You will gain powerful damage resistance and increase your attack ability. Also, during “shadow mistress” mode, the current character will lose Elemental Energy from time to time. Enemy located on Narukami Island.

Voidtrooper – Flag Bearer, Voidtrooper – Rowbreaker, Voidtrooper – Defender.

A mysterious shadowy soldier. When they hit a character protected by a shield with their attacks, they consume a certain amount of their own Life to gain certain bonuses.

Other contents of the 2.5 update

  • New recipes: Inazuma Shimura Restaurant: sangayaki, udon. Yae Miko’s Specialty: Udon of Fortune.
  • New Cards: Celebration – Drunkenness: Obtained in the “Intoxicating Dreams” event. Yae Miko – Dream Kitsune: Reward for reaching Lv. 10 Friendship with Yae Miko. “PB – Awakening”: Obtained as a reward with PB.
  • New achievements in “Wonders of the World”.

New Decorations: Entertainment Device:

  • Good pace. A carefully crafted mechanism by Gordi that combines an Activation Plate with two balloon areas. By interacting with an Activation Plate, you can activate a shooting game or check the hit history. Once the game starts, the balloons that need to be destroyed will appear in both areas. By pairing this combination of mechanisms with the Tea Relaxer decorations, you can simulate the classic Windflower Festival game, “Target Shooting.”
  • Dimensional Cabochon: In Mid-Flight: A dimensional rock that can rise. Its core is made from Liyue’s special plaustrite, a fine solid stone, which has been suitably cut and carved to create an elegant liftable platform. By stepping on the platform, you can easily ascend as it rises. If the platform has been empty for a while, it will automatically drop back to its location.

New creature: Coral Butterfly. It can be captured during the “Ritual of Entrance of the Three Worlds” event. (In later versions it will be redeemable with the walking spirit of the teapot, so pay attention!)

  • Wanderer’s Advice has been added to the products that can be redeemed weekly in Tetetienda.
  • Movement Range and Audio Settings have been added in Settings > Audio .
  • Added new icons to filter artifacts.
  • Added auto-add weapons to item destruction system.
  • Added some tips for loading screens.

Spiral of the Abyss: The anomalous ley lines on the 11th floor have been adjusted as follows: All team members gain 60% Bonus Electro Damage. All team members get a 30% Healing Bonus. The anomalous ley lines on the 12th floor have been adjusted as follows: On this floor, the flow of the ley lines is normal. Updated the formation of enemies on the 11th and 12th floors of the Abyss Spiral. Starting from the first time Blessing of the Nethermoon is updated after the release of version 2.5, there will be 2 phases:

  • Phase 1 Luminous Moon: When an enemy takes damage caused by Electrocharged, their Electro RES is reduced by 10%. This effect lasts 10 seconds and can be stacked up to 4 times. The duration of each accumulation is calculated independently. This effect can only be applied once on an enemy every 1.2s.
  • Phase 2 Godcaller Moon: When the current character hits enemies with a Normal, Charged or Downward Attack, with an Elemental Skill or an Ultimate Ability, when affected by the Electro element, a shockwave is released at the location of the enemy hit dealing True Damage. A shockwave like this can only be released every 0.2s.
  • The Abyss Spiral and Nether Moon Blessing reset times have not changed, occurring on the first and sixteenth of every month , respectively. The aforementioned Spiral of the Abyss update will be effective from March 2 at 04:00 (server time).
Genshin Impact version 2.5: date, time, news, rewards protogems banner Yae Miko

Settings and Optimizations – System

  1. Optimized the weapon forge list, its order is by weapon type.
  2. Optimized the UI message to unlock new books in the Archive.
  3. It is now possible to scroll through the character artifacts tab using the controller.
  4. Optimized the artifact filter and filter order.
  5. Optimized the function character artifact UI filtering: up to 2 affixes can be selected for filtering.
  6. Optimized the UI display of the popup window when regenerating Original Resin: when reaching the maximum number of times in which Original Resin can be regenerated, the exchange button will turn gray (hidden for those using controllers).
  7. Optimized the range of special effects when some enemies are defeated to optimize performance.
  8. Optimized the guides of some missions to reduce the difficulty of the To Adventure: Adjusted the level for accepting the world quest “When the Trail Goes Cold.” After adjustment, the quest can be accepted at Adventure Rank 22 or higher.

If prior to update 2.5 a traveler with an Adventure Rank lower than 22 has reached the “Talk to Katheryne” objective, the quest will disappear from the Quests menu after the update is complete and can be accepted again after reaching the corresponding Adventure Rank.

If the “Talk to Iris” objective is reached or advanced, the quest will not be affected by the update.


  1. Added the option to change the dynamic range of the audio in Settings > Audio > Other settings.
  2. Added the option to change between stereo or surround sound in Settings > Audio > Other settings. Compatibility with corresponding devices is required to experience stereo or surround sound effects.
  3. Optimized ambient sounds and some sound effects.
  4. Optimized voice activation frequency for some characters.
  5. Optimized Japanese and Korean voices for some characters and some quests.
  6. Modified Chinese dubbing for Oz. Corresponding lines have been replaced.


  1. The appearance of the NPCs Jean, Amber, Rosaria, and Mona will be consistent with the style of the alternate outfits in version 2.5 and previous version quests.
  2. Removed cutscenes from previous events to optimize client size.
  3. As of version 2.5, the new bitrate for mobile cutscenes will be set to 25,000 kbps to optimize client size. client.
  4. Adjusted the height of the disk from levels 1 to 8 in the Spiral of the Abyss.
  5. Added new cursor movement limits with the controller in the editing interface of the Teapot Relaxer.
  6. Optimized the text of the descriptions of sets picked up in the Teapot Relaxer.
  7. Optimized certain animations in the “Characters – Weapons” interface of the characters Ninguang, “the Star in Eclipse ” (Geo) and Lisa, “the Witch of the Roses” (Electro).
  8. New dialogue with the NPC Inagi Hotomi in the Gr area a Narukami Shrine in the Narukami Island region: After the dialogue, travelers who complete the world quest “Purification of the Sacred Cherry Tree” will receive a mask as a decoration.
  9. After version 2.5, the point red from ads will only show on the Ads button and not on the Paimon menu in the top left corner of the screen.

Source: miHoYo