Genshin Impact: Prepare to fall in love with this fan art of the game in pure Ghibli style

I have a lot of homework to do on Genshin Impact, because I haven’t been in the game since Saturday. And it’s giving me something bad in the chest just thinking that I still have to continue with the happy mission of taking photos. Let this torture end, please. I don’t want to keep hiking with the Tanuki, it’s too heavy.

  • Genshin Impact would release new skins for Diluc and Fischl; what would these look like?

I’ve tried it, but I haven’t found anything on Genshin Impact. The leakers are very calm, too much I would say. Although it is understood, right now there is no private beta or anything, so there is nowhere to get information. So I said why not, I’m going to find something decent to show you. And hey, I’m in luck, because look how wonderful I’ve found.Flipa with this Genshin Impact cosplay that plays Kamisato Ayato, the character from 2.6.

Genshin Impact Ghibli-style fan art

  • u/im0im0 is the artist of this fan art ?
  • The title he has given to his work is “My Neighbor Guoba”, since it is based on the well-known Studio Ghibli movie called “My Neighbor Totoro” ?
  • I leave you with the fan art below. And it’s amazing, because it has given movement to the rain ?
  • I drew a Ghibli x Genshin crossover: My Neighbor Guoba from Genshin_Impact
  • What do you think? I really regret not having seen it before. Although as they say, better late than never ?
  • At first glance it may look like a very simple fan art, but it doesn’t lack detail ?
  • It makes me quite funny to see Guoba with the appearance and size of Totoro. And… Have you seen it well? Xiangling carries Yaoyao, the leaked Dendro character on his back ?