Get ready to teach in the US with this job offer

If you are a teacher looking for opportunities abroad, the ‘Participate Learning‘ program is looking for teachers who wish to teach in American schools. We tell you how to apply.

The job offer aims to allow teachers and students to exchange cultural experiences and acquire skills typical of bilingual education. This initiative, which is aimed at meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), hires 1,000 teachers from around the world.

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How to apply?

To apply to the process you must meet certain requirements: have an undergraduate diploma, currently work as a teacher, have communication skills in English, have a driving license with experience of at least one year and have the complete vaccination schedule against covid-19.

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Luisa Ortíz, a Colombian who teaches at ‘Hopewell Elementary School’ and who entered the program in 2020, stated for a video of the same program that she has been able to teach her students Spanish and, in addition, integrate their native language in different subjects such as mathematics, science and Spanish. With this she has been able to be an ambassador of Colombia and share her culture.

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On the ‘Participate Learning’ web page you can find the fees you must pay for SEVIS procedures, a tax on foreigners that is around $900,000, and visa expenses that can be $700,000. As for the salary amount, it can be up to $2,200 dollars a month with deductions, about eight and a half million in Colombia.

This program is available in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina schools in rural, suburban, and urban areas. In addition, once the applicant is accepted, the program fulfills the accompaniment in the application for the visa, the establishment of the teacher and his family in the new community and assistance outside his home while it finishes its installation process.