Gigabyte UD1000GM, a source ready for the next generation PCIe 5 GPUs

Gigabyte UD1000GM is a new power supply that has just been introduced by the Taiwanese manufacturer. A source that stands out for the quality of its materials, high power and especially for the support for the next generation of graphics cards under the PCIe Gen 5 interface, which will also be used for other components like SSDs.

A power supply is a basic pillar of every PC since it is responsible for supplying the energy that all its components need to function correctly. As we explained in our product guide, when choosing it we have to take into account everything from the total power in voltage and amperage, energy efficiency, form factor or the necessary output connectors.

Gigabyte UD1000GM

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This font is dedicated to the high end and comes under the label of ‘Ultra Durable’. It combines high-quality main Japanese capacitors, an improved thermal solution, a 120mm Intelligent Hydraulic Bearing (HYB) fan, and six circuit protection designs. 1,000 watts of total power, 80 PLUS Gold certification, and fully modular design mean this model is targeted at enthusiast-grade desktop PCs, gaming PCs, and overclockers .

Gigabyte UD1000GM

Among its connectors, a 16-pin PCIe connector stands out, which is intended to power the next generation graphics cards that will use the PCIe 5.0 interface and that, like the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, will need a lots of energy.

According to Gigabyte, these GPUs will need three 8-pin adapters or a 16-pin connector, which is the solution adopted by the manufacturer and can provide up to 600 watts of power. In addition, using a single connector simplifies the amount of cables, significantly reduces clutter, makes it easy to install the graphics card, and helps maintain airflow in the chassis.

The PCI-SIG group responsible for the PCI-Express standard has yet to define the final recommended specification for connecting graphics cards to this interface. From what we have seen so far, it will need to support the “12VHPWR” protocol which defines a feeder cable with 12 wires for power and 4 data paths for signal in order to achieve the mentioned 600 watts. This connector is only intended for the most powerful GPUs and will be combined with other 8, 6 or 4 pin connectors. In fact, the Gigabyte UD1000GM offers four 8-pin connectors in addition to the 16-pin one.

Gigabyte UD1000GM, a source ready for the next generation PCIe 5 GPUs 31

NVIDIA has already shown a 12-pin connector (sum of 2 × 8-pin to 1 x 12-pin) that in theory only supplies up to 300 W of power, while solutions such as the ASUS Thor 12-pin cable reach 450 W of power. power. PCI-SIG will need to clarify this though there will be various power levels for the upcoming Gen5 graphics cards. In any case, we will need a good power supply to power them.