Glovo launches an offer and those who “take advantage” of it end up paying for dinner out of their own pocket

Glovo, the food delivery company, launched a code among its users with a discount of 60 euros to use on any order. And it resulted in a problem for those who took advantage of this promotion. And it is that many users saw how Glovo later charged them in full for their orders.

In social networks the complaints did not wait. As it happened a few days ago with a Media Markt discount due to an error, which later gave big problems to those who took advantage of it, in this case the users were confused: was it a real promotion or was it a security problem that snuck into them? Glovo deleted that code and was charging all those orders.

Glovo responded to the complaints on social networks by saying that “we are very sorry for what happened. In order to review it and offer you an answer, could you contact us via DM (direct and private message) and give us more details? Thank you very much.”

Problems for Delivery Hero

In addition, Delivery Hero fell this week on the stock market after presenting 2021 results and growth forecasts that disappointed the market. The problem is that the forecasts have not been fulfilled. Delivery Hero is the company that controls the vast majority of Glovo shares for a few days.

In addition, Glovo will not come out of the red this year according to Delivery Hero, which has anticipated losses of 330 million euros for the Catalan.