Gnoosic lets you discover music by simply typing in three bands you like: the more you discover, the more its AI learns

Discovering music today is much easier thanks to the amount of stimuli we receive every day. In addition, the algorithms that have platforms such as Spotify with its ‘Weekly Discovery’, or even YouTube, allow us to meet endless artists if we are proactive with it. However, today we’re here to talk about another rather curious alternative that relies on a constantly growing database to offer us recommendations: Gnoosic.

Gnoosic relies on the Gnod (Global Network Of Discovery) project, something like a joint knowledge network that relies on artificial intelligence to increase its database and make the people using its tools can discover artists more accurately.

Write me three bands and I’ll recommend others you like


The operation of the web is quite simple. And it is that you only need to write three of our favorite music groups for it to recommend music to us. When entering the names, Gnoosic will go one by one recommending bands, and we have the option to answer through a series of buttons if we liked it, if we didn’t like it, or if we are undecided.

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Recommendations go through well-known bands, as well as people who do covers on YouTube, also serving as a speaker for somewhat smaller artists. In addition, thanks to its algorithm, the more we discover, the more you will learn.

As users we also have the possibility of inserting artists into the database. To do this, just go to this link and fill in the tables with the name of the group and similar artists so that later Gnoosic has more precision in its recommendations. We can also add a link to the song or video.


As we mentioned before, Gnod is a discovery project, but apart from Gnosic, it also makes use of its tools so that we can discover movies, art, and even literature. We can access all these projects through their page.

This project was created by Marek Gibney, who, thanks to his interest in artificial intelligence and new interfaces, wanted to start this project. Currently the website has more than 300,000 users who enter each month.