God of War on PC receives corrections and adjustments in its latest patch; full notes

God of War on PC receives update 1.0.5, now available on Steam. Sony’s Santa Monica title receives several corrections in some of the most relevant graphic settings, such as DLSS and HDR. In addition, the team introduces a new mouse aiming mode.

“This new mode works by overriding the default implementation of mouse-to-camera conversion,” they comment in the notes. “Additional hand-tweaked sensitivity can be done by modifying the values ??in the settings.ini file in the installation folder.” Of course, they warn that when using it you should not activate the aiming help.God of War PC Steam Patch Settings

God of War PC Patch 1.0.5 Full Notes


  • In-game symbols will now correspond to the controller type you have selected in Steam.
  • Setting the DLSS sharpness setting to 0 will now properly disable the feature.
  • Interactions between the game and the taskbar will now work properly in borderless fullscreen mode.
  • Game sound will now be muted when the app is in the background.
  • TAA will no longer cause blurring when render scaling is below 100%.
  • Borderless full screen mode will now no longer impact visibility when using alt+tab toggle .
  • The interface will correctly display elements if you have placed an action on the mouse wheel.
  • HDR brightness will now not be affected by the SDR brightness setting.

New Features

  • Added the option to minimize to full screen without borders when the center is lost.
  • Added an error message when the game is not able to open or save in a save file.
  • Precision mouse mode.

If you are one of the users who have been affected by performance issues on AMD graphics cards, you should know that the study has already identified the problem. They are currently investigating solutions that may be introduced in future patches.

Source: Steam