Goodbye to the cheaper Disney + reduced rate, you will no longer be able to enjoy it

Disney + has begun to notify all its subscribers who until now paid the old reduced fee, that from now on they will have to pay the annual fee of 89.90 euros, or what is the same: 8, 99 euros per month.

Although this price is not new as such, since Disney+ raised its price in Europe since February 2021, it is only now that it will affect the first subscribers of the service who had taken advantage of the offer of launch when they landed in Spain.

From today all Disney+ users will pay the same: the reduced fee of 6.99 euros per month is over

Basically, Disney+ is equating all its users to the current subscription price of the service, and those who had been able to enjoy the reduced price of 6.99 euros per month or 69.99 euros per year until now, will already have to pay full.

The new charge will be billed from your first payment date, whether you have an annual or monthly plan. It is a measure that takes effect immediately and it is likely that you have received an email notifying the change.

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The justification for this makes sense, after all Disney+ has seen a significant increase in its catalog in recent months. Not only with the arrival of Star but also with the increase in the entertainment offer of Disney itself, which is releasing more and more original shows and movies sooner than in the cinema.

Disney+ is not the only one that has been increasing prices, Netflix has multiple increases and now costs so much that we can subscribe to several competitors for the same money. Precisely, Disney+ seems to be one of the biggest threats to Reed Hastings’ company, which went from “not believing in the streaming war” to admitting that Disney+ may be eating up its subscribers.