Google closes Currents, the platform with which it tried to replace Google+

Among the different failed projects that Google has had there is a special space for Google+, a highly promoted social network that was born to compete head-on with Facebook or Twitter, but that never finished function. Now, his replacement will also follow the same path.

In mid-2020 we published that Google Currents was going to replace Google+, a social network that had already been given up for dead two years earlier. Currents was born as a G suite application that allowed people to communicate with their organization. This came to be a change of approach: instead of competing with conventional social networks, they were looking for their space in companies.

Now Google has published that it is planning to reduce” Currents. The project changes again and the idea is that users go to Spaces.

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This new approach has been touted as a way to streamline the workspace so users no longer get scattered across different platforms. They want Spaces to become something bigger than it is right now, they post in The Verge.

Google notes that Spaces, a tool not too well known at the moment, will be updated with new features and will have “support for larger communities, leadership communication, investments in advanced search , content moderation tools and more“.

The move to abandon Currents will begin this quarter with the removal of some “rarely used” features. Later, between now and 2023 it will end, although not many users actually use it.

In any case, a new turn that occurs in Google with the idea of ??redirecting an increasingly smaller number of users, but which is understood within the objective of offering a range of tools as compact as possible to companies and professionals.