Google has its own periodic table with its cloud services: it’s interactive and you can download it as a poster

A company the size of Google has departments in practically all kinds of fields within technology, and sometimes one gets lost with the number of services it provides. With regard to Google Cloud, we also find a huge number of tools and utilities available to developers, and to have them at hand, the company has designed an interactive poster so we don’t get lost.

Both computing services, such as storage, applications, analysis and others, are organized and ordered on this website that Google has dedicated to its Cloud division. In this way, we find an extensive list of utilities as if it were a periodic table, as well as a brief description of each of the services.

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An ordered list of all Google Cloud services

The list is quite extensive, although in a very visual way Google offers a description of all the elements that make up its Cloud services. Although they are developer-oriented tools, the way in which they have organized all these services is curious. Also, if we wish, we can download a high resolution PNG file for our personal enjoyment.

All these services are also listed and divided into categories. As you can see, the company has services for countless fields, including data analysis, artificial intelligence, Maps, networks, cloud storage, and much more.

The Microsoft example

Something similar also occurs with Microsoft’s Azure services, although in this case the list was devised by Alexey Polkovnikov, Microsoft Cloud architect. The infinity of solutions provided by these services is of such a caliber that sometimes organizing them in this way comes in handy for experienced developers, or those who want to start with these services for the first time.