Google has launched Chrome OS Flex, an operating system to revive your old PC or Mac

Google has announced a new operating system that seeks to expand Chrome OS among computers that are several years old. This has a series of advantages that are important and the most outstanding thing at first is that it can be run on PC or Mac computers that are more than a decade old.

Chrome OS is the operating system of the company that was born in 2009 and had the Chrome browser as its central core. As we explained at the time, like Android, it was Google’s operating system for mobile devices, but it has been expanding over time and Chrome OS Flex is a good example.

As published in Google, this system is installed on old computers “in a matter of minutes and its appearance and functionalities are very similar to Chrome OS on a Chromebook.

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It is clear that since Chrome OS Flex is a system that is primarily oriented towards older computers, some functions may depend on performance and hardware, but the objective is clear and may be great help to those who do not want, or cannot, buy a computer: transform it into a Chromebook.

The operating system can be installed on computers up to 13 years old and will be free. Later it will receive updates that will improve its functionality, but this will be later as it is still in the first phase.

At the moment, it can only be tested through a USB drive and is in what would be described as a beta phase, an early stage in which it is working.

In case you want to get Chrome OS Flex or learn more about it, Chrome Enterprise has published information about this operating system. It can be said that as an idea it doesn’t sound bad at all: turn your old computer into a Chromebook. Surely it serves to give it another life.