Google includes 6 Widgets in the search engine with additional information, to test whether to bring it to all users

The Google home page has historically been known for offering a very simple interface that mainly offers a box for you to do your search and some options to narrow down that search. Now, this service from the Mountain View giant is now testing a new row of widgets in its desktop web version.

These cards are appearing at the bottom of Also, it will come with a “Hide content” button in the bottom right corner in case you don’t want to see it. Google registers your location, and explains that the information offered is “Based on your previous activity”.

These are the widgets

Quick Access

Google Search Widgets 3

When the window is fully expanded, six widgets are offered that expand on hover to offer more information:

Clima: Weather and temperature information. If you pass the mouse over you have the information for three days.

Trending: Cover image with search count.

What to watch: Information about `shows and movies.

Shares/Markets: With a chart of the day with stock information when you mouse over it.

Local events: With date.

News about developments with COVID-19.

In addition, in this function that is being deployed for the Google search engine in the web version, if you touch on the widget you will have more detailed information.

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Google News returns to Spain in 2022: the ‘Iceta Law’ returns the news service 7 years later

Currently, only some have this feature on two Google accounts, albeit on multiple signed-in devices. According to 9to5 Google or Android Headlines that have given the information, they consider that it is very likely that it is a test to decide if there can be a complete deployment.

This translates to a similar experience to Google Discover, but without subjecting people to another feed to navigate. But Discover is only on the mobile version.