Google Maps is no longer alone with its problems with Android Auto

One of the systems we use the most in our vehicle is Android Auto, Google’s operating system that allows us to blur the distance between our mobile phone and the car itself with applications such as Google Maps.

But in addition to Google Maps, there are also other navigation applications such as Waze or TomTom that are very popular on the market, and which unfortunately are not exempt from various bugs.

And users of TomTom Go Navigation have been suffering, for a year now, from an issue in Android Auto whereby the sound of the instructionsis heard too low compared to other system sounds .

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And it is that as we can read in the TomTom support forums, although the problem was reported in August 2021, recently in February 2022 there are still complaints about it, and apparently this low sound problem has not been solved.

While TomTom originally reported that the bug was known to the development team, apparently certain users are still affected.

It is unknown if these types of failures come from a particular system such as a specific Android Auto update or even from a specific mobile phone, but as usual, these types of failures are usually difficult to solve given that in the market there are many devices.

If you are a user affected by the low sound in TomTom Navigation in Android Auto, you will have no choice but to wait or change the navigation program.