Google releases Android Auto 7.3 to all users and these are all the news

Google is working on new future versions for Android Auto, not only solving bugs like those affecting Google Maps, but also new versions that include new features that have been previously rumored such as greater efficiency with split screen, among others .

And in the last few hours, users are beginning to receive a stable version of Android Auto 7.3, a new version of the operating system for vehicles that, as usual, has not been accompanied by any list with all the changes and improvements included.

In this way, it will be the user community that will report, day by day, all these new features or errors that may occur in this new version, which At the moment it is being deployed in a staggered manner.

Android World

And one of those features that users are going to receive in the coming months is the split screen function inspired by the CarPlay dashboard, a function that is not yet in this version 7.3 of Android Auto, but of which there are references in the code, so it would not be far from being released in time.

Coming as part of the update codenamed Coolwalk, this feature will come with a card-based user interface similar to the CarPlay dashboard.

Basically, the largest area of ??the screen will show the essential information, while at the same time other areas will show applications such as the music player, active phone calls or even weather information, which will also have their own cards dedicated.

As we previously announced, this new revision of the user interface would remove the status bar from the top of the screen, concentrating all the icons in the bar dynamic at the bottom.

Be that as it may, this new interface is not yet available, and is part of the Coolwalk update that is scheduled for 2022, still without a specific date.